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Florida Housing Coalition has a free virtual training session on Trauma Informed Care available at Trauma-Informed Care (  TIC training should be recurring for CoC staff as well as service providers. This is a 42-minute webinar style session tailored for homelessness services specifically. This course also includes handouts on “Action Steps for Providers” with guidance on implementing and expanding TIC practices at all levels of an organization, as well as a “Self-Care Workbook” which is essential for frontline staff. This training provides an overview of the components of a trauma-informed system to help people experiencing homelessness. Learn how to effectively implement trauma-informed care in a variety of service settings.

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This course is absolutely free and a great introduction to implementing a trauma-informed system. We hope you will take advantage of these resources and make them part of your annual trainings within the CoC.  Sign up today and get immediate access to the course.