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Dress Code Policy

Inappropriate Golf Attire: Defined as follows for both men and women, and will not be allowed on the course or practice facilities: Jeans/denim wear of any type or color, cargo shorts (usually shorts below the knee featuring multiple large exterior over-sized pockets), cut-off shorts, bathing suits, running shorts, exercise wear, gym shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, football/rugby/sports jerseys and midriff shirts are not acceptable.
Proper golf attire is required at all times on the course and practice facilities. Members and guests not appropriately attired will be denied registration for play, until properly attired.
Men: Bermuda shorts no higher than mid-thigh and slacks such as Dockers are acceptable. Golf polo type shirts and dress shirts with short or long sleeves, and turtleneck/mock turtleneck shirts are acceptable.
Women: Slacks and Capri pants, dresses, skirts/skorts and shorts that are no higher than mid-thigh are acceptable. Tops must either have a collar or sleeves or both.
Golf shoes are recommended, however, soft-soled shoes, such as Tennis Shoes, are also acceptable. Soft spikes are required on golf shoes.
During inclement weather, appropriate outerwear (jackets, sweaters, and rain gear) is acceptable.
Appropriate head gear, such as full-brimmed hats, baseball/golf type caps, and golf visors are acceptable. Caps and visors with bills are to be worn with the bill facing forward.