Working Definitions for Provider Survey (Use with Bed Chart)

Emergency Shelter: Any facility with overnight sleeping accommodations, the primary purpose of which is to provide temporary shelter for the homeless in general or for specific populations of homeless persons. The length of stay can range from one night up to as much as three months.
Transitional Housing: HUD DEFINITION HUD defines transitional housing as a project that is designed to provide housing and appropriate support services to homeless persons to facilitate movement to independent living within 24 months
Permanent Supportive Housing: Long-term community-based housing and supportive services for homeless persons with disabilities. The intent of this type of supportive housing is to enable this special needs population to live as independently as possible in a permanent setting. The supportive services may be provided by the organization managing the housing or provided by other public or private service agencies. There is no definite length of stay.
Permanent Housing Housing which is intended to be the tenant’s home for as long as they choose. In the supportive housing model, services are available to the tenant, but accepting services cannot be required of tenants or in any way impact their tenancy. Tenants of permanent housing sign legal lease documents.
Housing Unit: An occupied or vacant house, apartment, or a single room (SRO housing) that is intended as separate living quarters.

Facility Target Population A: Select the code that best represents your project

SM = only Single Males (18 years and older)
SF = only Single Females (18 years and older)
SMF = only Single Males and Females (18 years and older with no children)
CO = Couples only, no Children
SMHC = Single Males and Households with Children
SFHC = Single Females and Households with Children
SMF+HC = Single Male and Female plus Households with Children
YM = only unaccompanied Young Males (under 18 years)
YF = only unaccompanied Young Females (under 18 years)
YMF = only unaccompanied Young Males and Females (under 18 years)
Youth = HUD Definition ages 18 to 24 with or without children

Facility Target Population B: Indicate whether the project serves these additional characteristics

DV = only Domestic Violence victims
VET = only Veterans
HIV = only persons with HIV/AIDS
Youth = HUD Definition ages 18 to 24 with or without children