The Lee County Continuum of Care (CoC) is a group of community stakeholders who work together to address the needs of individuals and families who are homeless in Lee County. The group includes funders, service providers, local businesses, and advocates who meet monthly at the Lee County Homeless Coalition General Meeting. The work of the Continuum of Care is carried out within several sub-committees, which plan for community education, advocacy, the Homeless Management Information and Coordinated Entry Systems, and community resources and needs.

Monthly CoC Meeting/Updates

American Red Cross presented at the CoC meeting on 9/21/23.

CoC Documents

Governance Charter​​
2021 Racial Disparities Report
2021 Ranking and Reallocation Procedures
Strategic Planning Meetings Minutes
​2019 CoC Strategic Plan
CoC Written Standards and Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures
Lee County CoC Data Quality Plan
Code of Ethical Conduct
2020-21 HMIS Policies and Procedures
CSN User Policy Responsibility Statement
CSN Consent and Release
ESG Written Standards Appendix 3

Governing Board

The Continuum of Care is overseen by a Governing Board made up of community volunteers that represent a variety of community sectors, including providers of housing, supportive services, health care, education, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, community advocates, and homeless or formerly homeless persons. The Governing Board meets regularly to evaluate the performance of community programs and identify strategic planning initiatives.

The Continuum of Care Governing Board accepts applications for new members. Members are required to attend regular meetings and commit to a one year term. Request an application via email.

Please visit Continuum of Care section on the Lee County Department of Human and Veteran Services website here for a list of past and upcoming meetings.

​Homeless Services Funding Grant Opportunities

There are various funding sources available through Human and Veteran Services including State and Federal grants. Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) are issued at various times throughout the year as funding becomes available. Enter your e-mail address above to receive notification of new funding opportunities, and check this page periodically for updates.

Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness

Lee County’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness was developed by eight subcommittees, but many community groups are involved in its implementation and are working to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan. Organizations enter accomplishments made toward the goals of the plan in the corresponding Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Database. A quarterly report on the progress is presented to the Lee County Human Services Council.

The Continuum of Care, through several working sessions, drafted the ​2019 CoC Strategic Plan. This plan provides additional goals and action steps to work toward ensuring that homelessness in Lee County is a rare, brief, and one-time experience.

Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness​
​Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Database