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CareerSource Southwest Florida can provide assistance to public and non-profit agencies by using National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG) funds to operate disaster relief temporary employment programs to  assist  with  humanitarian  and  clean-up efforts after an emergency declared event.

We worked with many of you after Hurricane Charley, Wilma, and Irma on successful projects that assisted citizens throughout our communities with many temporary jobs created by the NDWG project.

Below find a brief overview of the program and contact us to discuss your specific workforce and recovery needs.

National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG)

Disaster relief projects create temporary jobs for eligible individuals to assist with humanitarian, clean-up, and recovery efforts in areas impacted by disasters or emergency situations as outline in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Section 170(d)(4).

Allowable Grant Activities

Temporary Jobs – NDWGs provide funding for the creation of Disaster Relief Employment, or temporary jobs, which are restricted to the following activities:

1.            Humanitarian Aid to include the distribution of food, clothing, and other humanitarian assistance for disaster victims.

2.            Clean-up and recovery efforts including demolition, repair, renovation and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed structures, facilities and lands located within the disaster area and in offshore areas related to the emergency or disaster.

NDWG funds allocated for wages should cover the activities related to temporary workers. These funds DO NOT cover project materials.

Temporary Jobs Policies

Limit on Temporary Job Duration

•             A participant may hold a temporary job for no longer than 12 months or 2080 hours.

Participant Wages

•             The comparable rate of pay for other individuals employed in similar occupations by the same employer but NO less than $15.00 per hour.

•             In no event shall the wage be less than the current State or local minimum wage law.

Worksite Selection

•             The worksites must be located in the geographic area covered by a FEMA declaration eligible for public assistance or within the area subject to another Federal agency’s declaration of an emergency or disaster situation of national significance.

•             A fully executed worksite agreement.

•             Statement of work and job descriptions.